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Brand new hello

We're Oi, the brand new thinking marketing agency for the brand new world. We help businesses evolve and adapt. Take on new challenges. Find opportunities where others aren’t looking.

With brand new thinking, we reach the right audiences, launch new brands, campaigns, products or services that engage across online, offline and emerging media.

Our experienced team of brand new thinkers includes talented marketers, strategists, planners, media buyers, client service experts, creatives, designers, artworkers, animators, producers and developers.

We work closely together (although often apart) across multiple locations easily using our cloud-based systems. If a client needs specialist support, we access our Associate Team of over 250 handpicked freelance specialists.

Our marketing expertise

Strategy and planning

Oi offers world-class strategy and planning. We have a dedicated strategy and planning practice with 40+ years of combined experience, and through our analytical interrogation, incisive thinking and creative intuition we provide our clients with robust and insightful strategies to create more powerful communications.

Ideation and concepting

We don't just design, we come up with business changing ideas. We always make sure our ideas are rock-solid before we take anything into production. Because in the end our ideas are what we sell, and we're very proud of them.

Advertising campaigns

We make ads for big screens, work screens, small screens and magazines. We make ads that show up on beaches, on beer mats, and on entire buildings. And we've made ads for everyone from airlines to zoos. Cut us and we bleed ads. So, if you need to develop compelling, motivating, creative advertising that moves your business, let's chat.

Design and production

Our in-house team has the skill and expertise to design for most 2D and 3D work, and our thriving Associate Team network has all the specialist skills we need for any challenge that our clients present us with. Over the years we have won lots of awards for outstanding design work. Yes, our designers are that good!

Automated production

Thanks to a unique partnership that Oi has struck with Otomo, an automated digital production platform, we are able to offer our clients the absolute cutting edge of digital production. Simply put, if you need to make a large number of any type of digital asset, Otomo can help you do so at high speed and at the lowest cost.

Website and app development

The user experience of everything we build is rigorously specified, our websites and apps always look good, and our offshore team of developers allows us to build in most coding environments efficiently and at low cost. We're happiest when we're using our development and operations skills to answer genuine consumer or business problems - like selling holiday destinations, seats in planes, buses, on-demand car hire, hotels, restaurants to financial technologies and helping improve mental health, we've worked on large enterprise development app and website projects, often with complex integrations, to beautiful brochure websites.

Email marketing campaigns

We understand the huge importance of email as a marketing channel. And our combination of incisive and motivating copywriting, compelling creative and design, and technical development and delivery means our emails get high open rates and click through rates. Sometimes we just write emails. More often, we design them. We always measure and optimise them. And for some clients we do everything - copy, design, development, delivery, deployment and reporting.

Social media campaigns

Good social media starts with strategy. Social isn’t a standalone activity but needs to be considered as an integrated part of any brand’s marketing mix. We can help with strategy of course, but we’re also good at social media. Using the right channels for the right audiences. Understanding what engages with them. Sharing your world with theirs. Positively. Interestingly. Thoughtfully.

Media planning and buying

We've been planning and buying island media for years. Our clients benefit from our deep and strong relationships with Channel Islands media owners and we continue to place ads in print, outdoor, radio and other channels that best suit client objectives and creative treatments.

We also plan, buy and optimise digital media. We're an accredited Google Partner and experts in paid search (AdWords) and display advertising (on Google Display Network). We plan and buy highly targeted media in all key social channels for our clients and ourselves, and we know what works creatively in paid social.

Reporting and optimisation

We like to know that what we make for our clients actually works for them too. So we're ruthless about measurement.

Our mantra regarding measurement is that we should measure what we need to and not what we can. We're interested in metrics that prove we've moved the needle on campaigns, on brands and ultimately on business. So you won't see a data-fest from us; instead you'll see a strategic approach to data that helps you make the right decisions for your business.

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