Colour in branding

Have you ever wondered why companies like Facebook use predominantly blue, while those organisations focused on growth and creativity choose green? The answer lies in the psychology of colour and design. Because the fact is, up to 90% of first opinions come from colour alone.

What exactly is the psychology of colour?

In simple terms, colour plays an essential role in creating a strong first impression for your customers or clients. The problem is, not every person will respond to colour in the same way. In fact, it’s not always a particular shade itself that has the biggest impact on your audience, but how “appropriate” that colour feels in the context of your brand.

So, the key to success is not only understanding what each colour means from a psychological perspective, but learning how your ideal customer will respond to the chosen colour(s).

The psychology of colour in marketing and branding

When it comes to the psychology of colour in branding and marketing, research suggests that colours improve brand recognition by up to 80% (Tiffany blue, anyone?). So, needless to say, it definitely needs to be considered in pretty much everything from logo design, to your marketing materials, and even the way you build your website.

In other words, a company shouldn’t just cling to a certain colour because it’s appealing to them, or because they think competitors in their space have done well using similar shades. Things like purchasing intent, customer affinity, brand relationships and even marketplace position all come down to how the target audience views a brand’s personality and identity, so pick a colour that works for them.

Choosing brand colours is actually not that hard if you know what you’re trying to communicate. But once you establish that, and what your brand’s personality traits are, how do you determine which colours will work best? It starts with first learning the emotional associations of each colour.

What’s the meaning of different colours?

Here’s a summary of meanings and the effect that different colours can have on people. But before you check out the below, keep in mind that the effect of a brand’s colours depends on the style and design they are used in, as well as the chosen colour combinations. Our list is fairly basic too. Our connection to colour actually goes a lot deeper than this (for example, too much yellow can actually cause anxiety).

Needles to say that we’re absolutely in love with Pantone’s Very-Peri (for obvious reasons)! To find out more about it visit their website.

If you want to learn more about how colour impacts emotions and behaviours or need help with your branding, then why not have a chat with us. We’d love to help!

Why you should move to GA4 now

In March this year, Google officially announced that Universal Analytics (UA) properties will stop processing new hits and will permanently shut down in mid-2023, to make way for the latest version of Google Analytics, putting many businesses at risk of losing valuable data.

Universal Analytics was originally introduced in 2012 and set a new standard for how user data was collected and organised. UA offered new tracking codes for websites and features that more accurately measured user behaviour.

What is GA4?

Google Analytics 4, you’ve guessed it, is the 4th generation of Google Analytics. It was actually launched 2 years ago and has several advantages over the current Universal Analytics.

It’s privacy-focused and offers seamless integrations with Google’s advertising platforms to optimise campaign performance and drive greater marketing ROI.

But best of all, GA4 also has Machine Learning (ML) at its core. This enables it to make predictions about the future (like, which visitors are likely to convert in the next 30 days) and helps it fill in the measurement gaps (ie. show revenue from clicks even when that customer is using an ad blocker), how cool is that?

Here’s what’s going to happen

Until July 1st 2023, the current Universal Analytics will still continue to collect data on websites in your GA account.

After July 1st 2023, you’ll be able to access historical data in your Universal Analytics account for up to 6 months.

Why is Google doing this?

Well, for starters UA uses cookies (20 year old tech) to collect data when someone visits your website, and cookies have become more unreliable over time (ad blockers, end of 3rd party cookies, regulations, iOS changes etc). Believe it or not, privacy is actually one of Google’s 3 key priorities for 2022: Measurement, Privacy & Automation.

GA4 is at the heart of all of those. But to achieve their goals, they needed to build a totally new version of Analytics from the ground up.

What do you need to do?

Start planning!

We strongly recommend switching to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible to ensure that there is sufficient historical data by the time that Universal Analytics is put to bed.

Rolling out a full GA4 implementation requires a bit of planning, new code on your site (some of it custom), configuration, and time to get familiar with the new interface and reports of GA4.

Dashboards and other reports using UA data will also need to change. And of course, if your marketing relies on UA ‘goals’, these will need to be updated or worst case, completely redesigned.

But you have 15 months right?

Well, if you want to analyse year-on-year data after the July 2023 deadline, you’ll need to have a fully working GA4 property live in July 2022, meaning there’s no time to waste!

How we can assist with GA4

As well as setting up GA4 properties for your domains, we can configure the tracking to meet the requirements for your reporting needs, including goal set up and eCommerce tracking.

We expect further details to be announced over the coming weeks and months, but contact us today to discuss how we can migrate your Google Analytics data and ensure that you are ahead of the curve.

Our new Jersey home

What better space to feel creative inspiration than an art gallery? That’s why we’ve made our new Jersey home for Offshore International at the prestigious CCA Galleries International.

To open with a bang, we sponsored the latest exhibition by Chris Orr and Jim Moir (AKA Vic Reeves) in the gallery. All the island’s great and good came to see the art, chat to the artists, and even had a good old snoop around our new pad.

The show is on until June 10th, so now that we’ve got our feet under our new desks, why not come over, be inspired by some great art, and maybe try out our new coffee machine?

And while you’re enjoying a macchiato, let’s chat and see how we can get results for your business. Just let us know when you might be dropping in!

New faces at Offshore International

Towards the end of 2021, we recruited some new talent to further strengthen the team in both, Jersey and Guernsey. We’re very pleased to introduce Georgina – who has joined the Client Services Management team, as well as Matt, our new Digital Lead.  Both bring with them a wealth of skills, fresh knowledge and valuable insights. This ensures Oi will continue to deliver first-in-class service, as well as a comprehensive digital offering.

Welcome to the team, guys!

We’re under new ownership!

In summer 2021, David Hitchcock OBE and a team of investors purchased the agency – and have already set the wheels of change in motion. Our new owners have existing businesses and partnerships within the Channel Islands.

So, to add to the high level of creativity and great work we have provided to clients over the years, the new structure will bring greater stability, as well as additional services and areas of expertise that we will offer our clients in the future – including NFT, blockchain, technical support, and strategy planning.

“This is a superb opportunity to build on the existing client relationships and evolve the business by adding our teams of specialists and additional services, including greater digital support, PR, and much more. We love everything about the Islands – the environment, the people and the pace. We can’t wait to work with clients.” – Jonny Welch (CEO of Oi).

The beating heart of Oi is, and always has been, its employees, so we’re delighted to say that the team has recently increased with three new staff members as well. On top of that, we’ve secured leases for not just one but two new studio spaces – one in Guernsey, one in Jersey – exciting times!

10 years at the top award received

Oi has gratefully received a commemorative award from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) in recognition of its long-standing contribution to the advertising industry.

The award is for Oi’s decade long relationship with the IPA, the world’s leading trade body for the advertising industry, which also represents the UK’s top 200 agencies, and for being an IPA CPD agency for the past eight years.

“This marks a milestone for your agency’s membership with us. Members are the lifeblood, and it is your talent and enthusiasm that helps to make the IPA the world’s leading authority on the value of advertising,” said Paul Bainsfair, Director General of the IPA.

Marketing Agency of the Year?

An institution since 2009, the Awards are firmly established as the most coveted marketing awards in travel and tourism. Each entry is evaluated by an elite judging panel of senior marketers, and only the very best work makes it onto the Awards shortlist.

According to The Travel Marketing Awards website it “recognises the most original, creative, innovative and best performing campaigns of the past year, as well as teams and individuals excelling in travel marketing.”

Oi’s ‘How do you want to feel?’ campaign for Visit Jersey was shortlisted for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for the 2019 Awards. The campaign, produced by Oi, partly shot in London featured real people being asked both how they were feeling and how they wanted to feel. Many of their answers highlighted some of the general stresses associated with living in a city, leaving Oi perfectly placed to position Jersey as a tonic to city life.


The immensely successful video was seeded out through Visit Jersey’s social channels and amassed over 1.5 million views as well as helping to achieve a 17% increase in visitors to the island in October and November last year.

Another campaign by Oi for Visit Jersey was runner-up in the Best Integrated Campaign category at the 2017 Travel Marketing Awards for the brand launch campaign. It included some of the first use of 360 degree videos for a tourism brand. The agency also live streamed a sunset at St Ouen’s Bay onto a giant screen at a venue in Shoreditch, London, packed with travel media, bloggers and vloggers.

The same campaign won Best Brand Building Campaign at the 2017 UK Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards.

Sherlock Holmes, reinvented

Oi has reinvented the book cover design for the nation’s favourite sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, as part of its ongoing ‘English Classics, Reinvented’ marketing campaign for St. James’ Court Hotel, London, A Taj Hotel. The agency’s progressive design of the English classic cover depicts several of the key trademarks of Sherlock Holmes in one beautiful multi-layered image; the Westminster skyline, Sherlock’s profile including his pipe, and deerstalker cap – all captured in a fingerprint. The books were produced by Macmillan Publishing in a hardback format, finished with a luxury gold foil. An integrated marketing campaign by Oi, the ‘English Classics, Reinvented’ series was initially launched in 2015, with a thematic plan designed to amplify the concept across all consumer touch points, from advertising, marketing collateral and PR to events, food and beverage offerings as well as strategic brand partnerships.

The initiative has received accolades honouring outstanding achievement and service to the communication profession from the global Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, winning the Platinum International Hermes Creative Award for ‘Marketing / Communications Campaign of the Year’ as well as finalist for the Drum Marketing Award for ‘Re-brand / Re-launch Strategy of the Year’ in 2016.

Shoreditch to shoreline

Londoners were treated to a taste of Jersey life as Visit Jersey streamed a live sunset into a popular London pub. This event formed part of the successful 360° summer campaign that Oi launched previously, promoting Jersey’s summer offering to Londoners, and focusing on the quick and easy access Londoners have to the island. It highlighted that they too can experience a glorious St Ouen’s Bay sunset for real after only a short flight from the city.

The event was held at Shoreditch pub The Crown and Shuttle and featured a large landscape LED screen covering the back wall of their popular beer garden. As the sun went down in London the bright screen drew attention all around by showing a ten minute countdown to patrons enjoying their after-work tipple. The pre-live-feed countdown was designed to create atmosphere and interest using only a black screen and the campaign tagline “All will be revealed…” At the end of the countdown the screen showed a live stream of a beautiful St Ouen’s sunset, intensified by the perfect weather across the Channel Islands.

Media, bloggers and vloggers were invited to attend the event in support of the campaign.

An animation was then shown post-live-feed to emphasise the short distance and easy access to the island which was followed by the summer brand video to give everyone a real feel for the island, its culture and its people.

Promotional beer mats were used to create intrigue, with teaser messaging encouraging people to keep an eye on the screen. Following the exceptionally beautiful sunset, people in the pub were handed a promotional flier which used the clever tagline “From Shoreditch to shoreline in 40 minutes”, highlighting the island’s accessibility whilst also encouraging people to visit the campaign pages on the website and enter a competition to win a trip to Jersey. The competition entry also served as a way to capture prospective visitors’ email addresses for future marketing material.


This short film ran on Visit Jersey’s Facebook channel together with paid Facebook advertising targeted at Londoners. Oi was particularly excited to be involved in this event, which emulated the pride we feel for the island we call home. This marketing campaign was shortlisted for three major national marketing awards – best brand building campaign and best-integrated campaign – at the 2016 UK Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards, as well as Integrated Campaign of the Year (up to £1M Spend) at the Travel Marketing Awards.


Oi campaign wins platinum

A brand launch marketing campaign by Oi for Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces in London has been announced as a platinum winner at the global Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards is for creative professionals involved in the concept creation, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. Oi’s ‘English Classics, Reinvented’ campaign was announced this week as a platinum winner in the communication/marketing campaign category. There were over 6,000 international entries from across the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and many other countries in the competition.

Entries came from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers.

“Testament to the success of our marketing campaign, global search interest and media exposure have more than doubled, with record-breaking year-on-year increases,” said Siddhartha Butalia, Director of Marketing at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. “The global recognition and accolades are a feather in the cap and a well-deserved tribute to the creativity and innovation of the team at Oi and everyone involved in this campaign.”

The Hermes Creative Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The global organisation consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and freelance professionals. AMCP oversees awards and recognition programmes, provides judges and rewards outstanding achievement and service to the profession.