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DORIS is a cloud-based productivity platform for the global creative industry.

It has been built by us to manage specialist data files, workflow and communication.

Currently at internal beta testing stage within the agency, the platform will enable creative teams, freelancers and clients to work seamlessly together wherever they are and whenever they want.

Designed following Google Materials standards, DORIS uses the same technology as Facebook and security as the world’s biggest banks.

Made for the advertising, architectural, construction, design, fashion and media industries around the world, this platform means the creative industry will be able to work without boundaries in a truly integrated way. This will enable better collaboration; communication, sharing, organization, management, storage and protection of creative work.

DORIS will help creative people and their clients work as one wherever they are, be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Keep watching this space for upcoming news about external beta testing and plans for the commercial launch of DORIS.

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