52 shades of Liam

26th May 2021

As if our Creative Lead, Liam Nunn, wasn’t busy enough over the last year, he also challenged himself to 52 self-portraits – one for every week of the year – and has just submitted his 52nd. Phew! They’re now going to be exhibited in the Jersey Museum in August – don’t forget to put the date with 52 Liams in your diary.



Liam’s masterful mugshots were one of the community highlights over the last year, and grew a steady following week by week. He also showcased on the “Connect with Art” blog, in the article, Connecting with Liam Nunn: Anyone can be good at art, written by Eliza Allan. He says:

“In the pieces, I used my face because I had access to it and the ability to do different things with it. I like art to be what it is, even if it’s a little bit uncomfortable or grotesque. I’m able to do that with my own face more than I’m able to do it with anyone else’s face. I have been able to push things that were interesting to me since I’m not going to get upset if it’s not flattering.”

Read the full article here.

Catch all 52 of Liams at the Link Gallery at Jersey Museum throughout August 2021.