Nick Stewart

Head of Strategy

Nick is an experienced, strategically-minded marketing communications specialist with a wealth of experience in creating effective above the line, integrated – and particularly digital – activity for local and global businesses.

He has spent time in high profile advertising agencies, run strategy and analytics teams for global agency networks, and jointly founded two start-ups, establishing the strategy practice at both.

Nick has also been a client, leading the award-winning global digital team at Bacardi, a $5BN global business, increasing spend on digital marketing from 8% to 35% of the total global marketing budget during his tenure. Nick is a seasoned manager and has significant experience with international clients.

His strength lies in communications strategy, delivery and analytics, particularly with regard to long-term brand development.

In his spare time Nick runs, gardens, yogas, cooks and hangs out with his kids. To balance this wholesomeness he also goes to lots of gigs. Well, he used to anyway.