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Building a better working world

EY, a leading big 4 accountancy firm were the headline sponsor of Guernsey’s Careers and Skills Show for the second year running. This is a key annual event with attendees coming from all schools on the island, plus adults potentially looking for a career change. As headline sponsor with two stands they needed to create impact and really stand out from the others. In the previous year we came up with the idea of using giant Lego blocks to build the stand, fitting with EY’s tagline of ‘Building a better working world’ which linked well with current campaign artwork and branding which is fresh, vibrant, eye-catching and memorable. But for this year our brief was to make even more of an impact than the previous year, we were asked to ‘wow’ EY.  


Step 1

How we listened and learned

Each ‘big 4’ accountancy firm has a large and active presence on our small island and all attend the careers show, fighting to gain attention from the same potential employees, so EY needed to stand out. 

As the headline sponsor there were two stands, one in the foyer area of the show (known as the hub stand) to welcome attendees and another in the main hall where more information about EY can be obtained. In 2016, a huge draw to the hub stand was a taxi photo booth. It was a great success and hugely popular however we were asked to step this up a notch with something different for 2017.

For the main stand, we needed to find ways to draw people over and strike up a conversation, which can often be daunting to a youngster. Storage space was limited previously so we thought about options to include spaces within the stand, taking into account the floor space remained the same as the previous year.

Building a better working world

Step 2

How we collaborated and created

We held internal brainstorms with our design team to come up with ideas to really wow EY as briefed so we got cracking using software provided by the block supplier. The software allowed us to do a block count, so we could carefully re-use the blocks in most cost-efficient way. Along with additional mock ups created using Photoshop we could present realistic visuals. With regular meetings we discussed progress and filtered out ideas and options.

The emphasis was to be on the main stand, but with something equally ‘cool’ on the hub stand, which is the first stand attendees would see. Moving on from the photo booth we came up with the idea of photographing Lego men, in different job roles and creating a cut out stand for attendees to take their photo as Lego men, encouraging participants to upload their photo to social media using the hashtag #EYFutureReady.  With the leftover blocks from the main stand we created a very on-trend throne of blocks, which went down well with attendees! 

Building a better working world

Step 3

How we evaluated and evolved

From the hub stand, footprint stickers led to the main stand. At this stand we needed to incorporate a TV which would play brand videos and occasionally switch to photos taken using #EYFutureReady. Not wanting to break from the full block design, we included a hole where the TV would sit. A huge adaption to the stand was creating a corner sofa, which allowed a space for students and EY staff to hold conversations. Two tables, with gaps hidden inside allowed for the required storage space.  The stand was extremely busy all day and branded EY ‘Thirsty to learn?’ water bottles were extremely popular – after all who doesn’t love a freebie?!?

Building a better working world
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