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Guernsey's airline

Aurigny, Guernsey’s airline, is a vital lifeline link not only for the people of Guernsey and Alderney but also for the island’s business and tourism industries. As the airline’s marketing agency, Oi took over its digital marketing campaigns in January 2017 with the brief to overhaul and maximise the potential of the digital marketing campaigns to grow overall awareness of the airline and, ultimately, increase sales and revenue.

The first step was to conduct an in-depth analysis of previous and current Aurigny marketing activity. We needed to know what worked and should be optimised, what did not work and needed to stop, and what opportunities were being missed. Working closely with the Aurigny team, we reviewed all digital activity from paid search and display advertising to key partnership activity and email marketing, all of which needed to form a cohesive and integrated digital marketing strategy focused on maximising sales opportunities.

Guernsey's airline

An exciting and hugely collaborative process, Oi’s marketing strategists worked with designers, key partners and the Aurigny team to introduce an annual strategic campaign plan that also allowed for the flexibility of short-term tactical activity which could be deployed through the year across multiple channels. We also introduced stringent tracking on all campaigns working with developers and digital marketers so that the success and return on investment of all activity could be monitored and reviewed for optimal success.

Paid search campaigns benefited from a keyword and audience targeting overhaul. Display and remarketing ads had regularly refreshed interesting designs, video ads were introduced on Facebook and a regular calendar of email marketing was rolled out, alongside activity with key partners to grow the email marketing database.

Guernsey's airline

As with all digital marketing activity, tracking is king and we have used this alongside in-depth analysis to consistently review and optimise all campaigns. Paid search campaigns proved extremely successful with click-through rates well above industry average and generating significant revenue - in fact the campaign had a Return on Ad Spend of over 3000%! Results were kept consistently successful through ongoing optimisation - whether this be through keyword reviews or increased geographical targeting. Email marketing was similarly tested and developed - we compared send times across different days of the week, split-tested content and subject lines and ultimately worked to create highly successfully emails which averaged an e-commerce conversion rate of 7%, a very positive result.

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