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Making Moore of marketing

Moore Stephens in the Channel Islands is a member firm of one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting networks, Moore Stephens International Limited, which includes 307 independent firms and 667 offices in 105 countries. It provides a range of valuable services, tailored to the specific needs of clients.

The company approached Oi with a brief to undertake an audit of their current marketing activity then develop a new strategy, plan and creative approach to market their range of services locally and internationally.

Step 1

How we listened and learned

From initial meeting and discovery workshops it was immediately evident that Moore Stephens delivered a highly personalised service by gaining a real understanding of the individual needs of each client. Their objective was clear; “to be viewed as the first point-of-contact for all of a client’s financial, advisory and compliance needs.” They achieved this by providing sensible advice and tailored solutions to help clients achieve commercial and personal goals. However, their marketing plan was disparate and their marketing collateral out of date with inconsistent messaging across their core range of seven services, including fund administration, trust and corporate, rightsourcing, wealth management, audit, accounting and business services and restructuring and insolvency.

As a member firm of Moore Stephens International global brand guidelines had to be followed but, after discussions with the global marketing department, it was agreed that the messaging, creative and imagery could be tailored to the offshore and international markets targeted by the Channel Islands company. With the green light from global marketing Oi started on its journey with the client to shape a new marketing plan and campaigns for each service line following an approved annual marketing budget.

Making Moore of marketing

Step 2

How we collaborated and created

Each department within Moore Stephens had been operating its own marketing, which had led to a variety of different messages and propositions. This made it harder to cross-sell services to clients and to educate and raise awareness of the multiple services offered.

Our strategy had to be mindful of the different audiences – from high net worth individuals to law firms and small local businesses. Brand guidelines set by Moore Stephens International Limited had to be followed, such as advertising template layouts and style of photography. We sought to develop an ownable personality for each service and whilst being unique, these needed to sit comfortably as a suite together. So, we began by focusing on, and refining, the core proposition of each service and creating integrated marketing campaigns.

Moore Stephens’ Fund Administration service was positioned as being offshore but part of a global network, offering a bespoke service. Oi developed a strong creative theme using unique sea creatures and took this concept across brochures, fact sheets, print and online advertising. As part of a global network, Moore Stephens use the same website structure as their London office. However, this restricts some practice areas in terms of what information can be given and the customer journeys that can be developed. So, Oi designed and built a more informative, modern and considered micro-website for the Fund Administration service. This fully responsive website was set up with analytics to ensure we could track traffic and user journeys. Oi then started a sustained global online paid search advertising campaign. Another aspect to the campaign was a personalised pop-up direct mail item sent to a prospect database around the world.

Hot on the heels of new image rights legislation, Moore Stephens Guernsey asked Oi to develop a strong image rights campaign highlighting how it is not just about the usage of pictures but everything about a personal brand which must be protected and managed. A microsite was also developed specifically for Moore Stephens’ Image Rights service supported by print advertising in such publications as FC Business Magazine and email marketing. This is a new business area with huge potential so watch this space!

Oi then developed a strong creative theme to help market Moore Stephens’ Trust and Corporate service. Using a beautiful image of a coastal fortification, the imagery across brochures, advertising and sales material encapsulated the proposition that protection is important and with well-established financial offshore jurisdictions, protecting your wealth has never been more appealing. More specific media was selected for the specialist Trust & Corporate services including The STEP Journal.

Locally Moore Stephens wanted to raise awareness of its Financial Management service especially to individuals living in the Channel Islands. A light-hearted and engaging visual showing an elderly lady kicking her husband on the backside while standing on the beach was used with the headline ‘Make sure your finances mature gracefully, even if you don’t.’ It worked a treat and the concept has since been evolved across many different visual executions.

Media selection and marketing communications had previously been relatively reactionary. It was essential to establish regular presence in local, relevant publications and establish relationships with journalists, positioning Moore Stephens Directors as industry commentators. As part of the media plan developed by Oi, Business Life was selected as a key media partner with a broad, relevant target audience and excellent distribution. Their content, editorial style and the look of the magazine was a good fit for the brand.

Moore Stephens had previously not engaged with business media publications in a considered and sustained way. A new PR campaign reset the balance of media coverage to reflect the business aspirations, with 60% of coverage focusing on business themes, successes, and key news about individuals and positioning Moore Stephens directors as industry commentators.

In tandem with raising awareness of the various services provided by Moore Stephens, a relationship was formed with the Société Jersiaise Marine Biology section. The work they do helping protect Jersey’s coastline and marine environment is relevant to every Islander. This was a good fit for the Moore Stephens brand as a partner that offers bespoke, unique services. It also facilitated employee engagement, which in turn provided great PR opportunities.

Other local events have also been supported, such as sponsoring the original Jersey Arts Centre Student Art Exhibition, for which Oi developed Moore Stephens’ very own Mona Lisa including a direct mailer used extensively by most students that received them.

Internally Moore Stephens needed to encourage cross selling and promote company morale. Activity included internal staff presentations, staff thank you cards, drinks and socials, and team activities such as beach cleans and BBQ events. Internal communication was an area that needed improvement, and the introduction of a pan-island staff e-newsletter has helped to encourage a ‘one-team’ culture.

Making Moore of marketing

Step 3

How we evaluated and evolved

Moore Stephens Jersey and Guernsey has made a major shift as a brand. Oi ensured this revitalised brand was brought to life in every way possible, giving clients and prospects a more modern and professional interface for the business. The marketing team and business development directors in each service group have worked with Oi to encourage a consistent and integrated approach with excellent design, effective use of marketing and a well developed and executed strategy. This has clearly differentiated what Moore Stephens Jersey and Guernsey stands for against its competitors, giving real value both in monetary terms and as a brand.

Making Moore of marketing
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