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The brief
Bin night is a core task for every household, but how good are you at keeping on top of which bins go out and when? In Guernsey, the simple answer is to visit for a complete bin schedule. But not everyone knows that…

Our task was to direct bin-related questions online and reduce customer service enquiries. To get our message noticed we created a family of bin characters and language that would be sure to stand out. Where have you bin?

Guernsey's bin night campaign

The process/strategy
The biggest challenge we faced was making bins engaging. How could we clearly communicate our message and produce stand out content all at once?
A handful of our creatives rolled up their sleeves, licked their pencils and put their heads together to produce bespoke animated ‘Bin Family’ characters to draw the eye on social media.

Relatable scenarios were a core element of our approach to engage audiences. Carefully crafted bin puns complete the playful imagery: Bin confused? Where have you bin? Bin on the move? Bin in a rush?

Our client, Guernsey Waste, highlighted that seasonal bin nights were problematic and confusing for many. To help raise awareness over the Christmas period, the Bin Family attended a Christmas party in fancy dress.


The results
The campaigns were hugely successful, reaching over 28k people across Facebook and Instagram, sourcing 2581 active clicks and 245k impressions.
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