Intertrust Group

The brief
One of our long-term clients, Intertrust Group, began offering enhanced services to clients thanks to a global backbone of connected technology, following a 2019 acquisition. Their new proposition was no longer communicated effectively by the brand, so Intertrust Group reimagined their global brand identity, engaging Oi first to elevate and then to implement the new brand.

As leading specialists in Corporate, Funds, Capital Markets and Private Wealth services, Intertrust Group has a vision to enable their clients to invest, grow and thrive anywhere in the world. With presence in over 40 jurisdictions, Intertrust Group needed a look and feel that communicated their size, scale, connectedness and expertise, all delivered with the boldness and confidence required to stand out among the large number of B2B brands providing financial services support.

Our brief therefore was to take the new logo, colour palette and graphic style and elevate all elements to create a dynamic and striking brand identity for roll out around the world and across a range of external and internal comms.

The process/strategy
The agency worked closely with a newly-centralised global client team and a number of other delivery partners. This was key as the work required to develop the brand and roll it out globally was significant, and timings were extremely tight. We were nonetheless able to hit all deadlines thanks to the agency’s extensive Associate Network which we deployed on a number of key tasks.

We worked in two stages. Stage 1 saw the agency take the new brand and turn it into something special, through the specification and selection of key images (less obviously corporate, more naturalistic and ‘global’) and the use of more dynamic and integrated graphical elements alongside this photography. This more distinctive and ‘ownable’ brand look and feel was then rolled out in Stage 2 across digital and printed materials for all service lines, from social media assets globally to airport advertising in Jersey to sales collateral in Curacao.

Alongside the principal corporate rebrand task, Oi also redesigned Intertrust Group’s employer brand, transforming the sub-brand in keeping with the new corporate identity but creating a distinct look and feel for employee comms around the world.

The results
The rebrand overall has been a great success with excellent internal and external feedback, and the agency is continuing to work with both global and local client teams on the deployment of the new identity.

“I was delighted to select Oi again for the implementation of another global rebrand. The team fully understood the requirements and with their brand new thinking, pushed the brand into an exciting and energetic space, allowing us to stand out from the crowd. The scale and pace of the rebrand was challenging but with Oi’s scalable model coupled with good project management I knew we were in very safe hands – it has been a huge success.”

– Intertrust Group’s Global Head of Brand, Steve Cornick

“Intertrust Group lived up to their name and put a lot of trust in the agency with this rebrand project. Although they operate in a conservative, corporate sector, Intertrust Group wanted to stand apart with a distinctive and highly creative look and feel. Our clients allowed the agency to really push the brand, and together we’ve developed something in record time that we believe really stands out. We’re extremely proud of the work and we’re only just getting started!”

– Nick Stewart, Oi’s Head of Strategy

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