Electric Living

The brief
For most of the year, Guernsey’s electricity supply is renewably sourced, imported onto the island from Europe. However in winter, when houses need more heating and light, demand often exceeds supply and the island’s power station has to pick up the shortfall. At the moment, this additional supply is diesel-powered and carbon emitting.

The Electric Living Peak Time campaign was created to educate islanders about off-peak electricity consumption in order to reduce the island’s emissions, whilst simultaneously enabling islanders to reduce their electricity bills. The goal: to flatten the peak time consumption curve by encouraging the use of appliances between the hours of 9pm and 5am, or between 11pm and 5am to ensure 100% renewable energy..

The process/strategy
At a time when rising fuel costs, net zero and carbon neutrality are of great concern for electricity consumers, we fused eye catching creative with engaging messaging in order to capture the attention of our online audience and encourage a behavioural step change in electricity consumers.

Messaging needed to be simple, memorable, repetitive and achievable. Therefore, we created the lead message, ‘Work it 9 to 5’ and backed it up with the line, ‘Switch on at night’ to clarify the overnight instruction. Secondary messaging encouraged switching on between 11pm and 5am to ensure 100% renewable energy.

Visual assets combined photography with illustration to establish clarity.

The creative team storyboarded the animation and took into consideration all of the ways customers use electricity in the home. Establishing a narrative cue was also a key element of the campaign and we wanted to show in simple terms, how behaviour impacts the world around us.

Our creative team utilised playful visual cues to enhance the message and developed effective scenes, instantly familiar to our audience. These included washing machines cleaning clothes with renewable energy and cars at their charging stations.

The results
The campaign successfully conveyed the cost saving implications of using electricity during the optimum times between 9pm and 5am. Over a 5 week period it achieved a combined reach of 46k (2/3 of the entire population in the targeted area), resulting in 1.4k link clicks and quality traffic to the website (single figure bounce rate and avg 2+ pages per session).

Additional information was provided on the Guernsey Electricity website electricliving.gg/greenzone – with Oi creating a dedicated landing page to showcase peak energy times throughout the day, with playful yet effective infographics.

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