The brief
Coreix was established in 2003 as a hosting and colocation supplier. And the business grew steadily in the years following, winning a reputation for providing reliable technical solutions backed up with superlative customer support. More recently however, as the world of hosting and colocation services has grown more commoditised and as networked IT has become more business-critical, the business has moved steadily into the provision of higher-touch, higher-value IT services. Consequently the Coreix brand needed a new approach, with a new positioning, identity and communications designed for this growing opportunity.

The process/strategy
Oi began working with Coreix in mid-2020, on a root and branch redevelopment of the brand and all marketing assets including everything from sales collateral to a new website to campaign materials. We had a name and a primary colour for the brand, but everything else was up for grabs.

First, we zeroed in on the business’ capabilities with the goal of changing perceptions of the business from being a seller of reliable products with great SLAs to being a proactive, problem-solving IT partner (with the same great SLAs). This new positioning is encapsulated in the new brand line, “Always on it”.

Second, the new Coreix identity provides a distinctive look for the brand in an undifferentiated category dominated by generic B2B brands – lots of blue, lots of people shaking hands or smiling in meetings, lots of impenetrable technical language. Coreix by contrast speaks in plain English, is focused on the end users of their services as well as the specifiers, and is dressed in an approachable, soft teal colour palette.

The new website reflects the new positioning and identity, presenting content in 2 tiers: a clear, simple introduction describing services in language aimed at business as much as IT, followed by more technical detail to substantiate and reassure. The site’s structure is designed to drive the maximum number of leads for the sales team, with all content aimed at capturing users’ details.

Finally, we developed a performance marketing campaign with paid search, paid social, display advertising and other digital channels deployed to drive measurable sales leads to the business, with every asset tagged for detailed reporting and optimisation.


The results
Coreix’s Managing Director, Andy Roberts was really impressed with the new approach, positioning, identity and communications:

“We’re delighted to have worked with Oi on the redevelopment of our brand and marketing. The Coreix business is heading in a new, ambitious direction and with their blend of smart thinking, great creative and ROI focus, Oi are the right partner to help us get there,”

Nick Stewart, Oi’s Head of Strategy, added the agency was delighted to work with Coreix on such a fundamental redesign of their marketing approach:

“The business has some clear points of difference in the category, and as a result we have been able to create a properly distinctive brand – and we’re confident the new brand positions the Coreix business for the step-change in performance they’re looking for.”

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