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Introducing Butterfield Marine Watch

Butterfield Bank

Introducing the Butterfield Marine Watch, a dedicated marine conservation programme conceived by the Jersey Marine Conservation and Butterfield Bank. The initiative, which launched in early 2019, aims to educate islanders on the marine ecosystem that surrounds Jersey, the array of its local inhabitants and the protection of our waters. 

As Butterfield’s retained creative and digital agency, Oi worked on the graphics and identity for the Butterfield Marine Watch lead by Senior Creatives Paula Hindley and Joanne Holmes. Oi created unique illustrations for our client in a flat pared-back style including Butterfield’s very own seahorse character - Sorel, named after Jersey’s Sorel Point and designed in Butterfield’s brand palette. Alongside Isla the anemone, Shelly the hermit crab, Sonny the baby starfish and other marine friends. 

Introducing Butterfield Marine Watch

Butterfield Bank have a longstanding marine conservation connection, being the first purveyors of Seabins in their headquarter jurisdiction, Bermuda. The Butterfield Marine Conservation is close to the Bank’s heart and CSR goals of not only creating a better environment for banking but also our islands (across their eight offshore locations.)

The Butterfield Marine Watch will work closely with local school’s to educate students between the ages of 5 and 11 about the importance of caring for our marine ecosystem, whilst inspiring them by showing the beautiful creatures that live in Jersey’s waters. The Butterfield Marine Watch is showcasing this through a ‘Touch Tank’, an amazing open sea water filled tank with prawns, anemones, starfish, shells and other living organisms - a wonderful opportunity for children to learn facts about these beautiful creatures in a respectful and controlled way.

The Touch Tank is manned by Jersey Marine Conservation’s knowledgeable and award winning team who are dedicated to proprietary data gathering on dives, education and underwater photography to protect the marine ecosystem for future generations. 

Introducing Butterfield Marine Watch

As part of educating the younger generation, Oi designed a workbook for children including colouring in, fun facts, simple maths questions and a maze to help Finn the dolphin find his way home. Our team also designed pull ups to accompany the Touch Tank educating all ages about the sea creatures found in Jersey’s ocean. Many people don’t know that there are seahorses in Jersey, or that Phytoplankton provide more than 50% of the oxygen that we breathe! 

Butterfield Bank are committed to supporting the protection of the local marine ecosystem by sponsoring the valuable work of the Jersey Marine Conservation and creating the Butterfield Marine Watch collaboratively to place the importance of this environmental cause in the forefront of islander’s minds. 

Noel McLaughlin, Chief Operating Officer at Butterfield Jersey, said ‘The sea is such a big part of our lives as islanders and its protection has been a longstanding core value of Butterfield’s business and the Touch Tank provides an innovative tool to encourage interactive learning for children and adults.’

Giorgina Lister, Marketing Manager at Butterfield Jersey, said “Oi have really brought Butterfield Marine Watch to life and we are thrilled to be bringing the initiative to local events across the island in a way that is fun and educational.’

This was the dream project for Oi, our team loved creating these unique digital illustrations with different personalities and the graphic abstract seascape scene for such an important cause, one equally important to us as sea lovers, divers, cold water swimmers and nature lovers.

Introducing Butterfield Marine Watch
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