Offshore International

The brief
It’s no secret we’ve gone through a few changes over the recent months. Moving offices, changing owners, welcoming new people, even welcoming back old employees… We’ve grown up as an agency, and felt it was time to reflect the changes in our own branding. So the brief was fairly straightforward: refresh our brand identity to match our newly invigorated company and roll it out across print, web, online and social, with a marketing campaign to support.

The process/strategy
Building a logo and a new brand is something we always jump at the opportunity to do for our clients. But like the proverbial cobbler whose children have no shoes, there’s always client work that gets in the way – and of course everyone has an opinion!

When we sat down to discuss how we would build a new brand for Oi we knew that it had to be something that reflected us as a group. We see ourselves as an agency that constantly evolves, constantly pushes boundaries, and is extremely flexible while keeping the same core values and principles – and this had to all be reflected within the brand.

Building a logo and a new brand

Starting with our name, we decided that 18 years of trading as Oi was a heritage worth keeping, so even though we could have changed our name entirely we stuck with Oi. But did you know that Oi is an acronym? The official company name is Offshore International, and making more of the longform version was a good way to signal change and a more grown-up, serious intent. We’re still a playful, creative business however and “Oi” represents us too. Oi is still the focus of our logo.

But we wanted a logo that moved, changing and adapting to where and how it is used. With this in mind, we brought in a new vibrant and above all flexible colour palette. Whether print or digital, social media or brand presentations, email footers or letterheads, we built something that would be anything but a one-size (or colour) fits-all. And our new non-nonsense, bold typeface is the perfect contrast to our confident, yet playful tone of voice.

Our new vibrant and flexible colour palette

We decided to use evolving 3D renders of the Oi logo where possible. Having them grow, move and loop seamlessly again relates to how we work as a business. Always moving, always pushing, always innovating. We’re a highly skilled team of thinkers and doers so this had to be reflected in our brand identity.

To achieve the 3D work we teamed up with the super talented Ryan Vautier. He understood perfectly what we wanted to achieve and we’re thrilled with the final outcome across our website, social media and advertising.

New 3D work

Having revamped our social media as well, we wanted to tell stories and deliver relevant, insightful information to our growing audience – this is again something that can change and morph depending on imagery and content, and our evolving brand allows us to keep content fresh and full of life.

We launched our new branding with a supporting digital marketing campaign. There had been much talk on the islands about us, and our direction, so we decided to face this head-on. But always with a twinkle in our eye.


The results
Our new brand identity has been warmly received by clients past and present, and is a firm hit within the team. It’s given us renewed energy, drive and pride. And our self-effacing campaign drew unprecedented attention islands-wide, helping to firmly reestablish Oi in a position of strength. After all, it pays to be robust and adaptable – and self-critical. We see this all the time within the industry and when delivering for our clients. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for your company or brand please get in touch.

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