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Powering up employee engagement

Jersey Electricity

Jersey Electricity (JE) recently hosted an internal engagement seminar for all employees. The main objective for the event was to clearly communicate the company vision, as well as to emphasise how every individual within the company was vital to their success.

Oi were tasked with working alongside the HR and Marketing teams to bring the event to life. An important factor for us to consider was consistency with current internal communications. This joined-up approach ensured strong employee engagement and encouraged individuals to become company advocates and ambassadors, and to walk away feeling a sense of pride in the positive impact the company has on the island.

Powering up employee engagement

In order to align with previous internal communications the events collateral style was an evolution of a recent project that Oi worked on with JE, their pocket sized mini brochures, these were used to communicate employee social events and benefits in a fun and easy-to-view way.

The first piece of collateral developed for the event was the invitation, a bespoke design and print cut-out was developed using the 'Power up' headline in a JE relevant lightbulb shape, the style was carried across benefit cards, screen animations and presentation design. 

‘You said, we did’ engagement cards were also designed to show how JE had listened to feedback and had taken action, proving they are a considerate employer and a great place to work.

Powering up employee engagement

Promotional items were produced to act as a take-away reminder of the company’s vision and purpose. A tote bag made from fully recycled materials was sourced from a supplier that donates 5% of sales to a charity aligned with reducing ocean plastic, this ensured we were aligning with JE's green initiative, an ethos that underpins everything the business does. 

Oi sourced another popular give-away for the client - wildflower seed balls which can be used to increase local pollination and support the bees, allowing the JE staff to directly make a positive impact in their local environment. Each employee was also given a reusable water bottle and screen cleaner, both items featured further messaging around how one third of Jersey’s electricity comes from hydro sources and further highlighted JE's commitment to clean tech and reducing carbon emissions. 

Employees rated the event 4.3 out of 5 via a survey conducted post event, this rating showed a high level of engagement and proved the event a real success in relation to the original objectives.

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