Aladdin's Cave

The brief
Offshore International was tasked with delivering a creative refresh for one of our longest standing clients.

A holistic approach to the creative brief was necessary as many factors needed to be considered. An analysis of AC’s creative style and messaging, as well as the economic environment, target audience and customer habits, customer trends and our clients’ appetite for change, all contributed to establishing a thorough understanding of what the Aladdin’s Cave team wanted and needed.

Our team encouraged AC to consider all aspects of their brand and identity, the way in which they communicate and where they’d like to see their marketing messages in the upcoming year. It was quickly identified that a step change was needed – a refreshing spin was required in order to form a welcome bridge between the business and its loyal customer base.
Our client's new creative style and messaging
The process/strategy
The approach was simple – build a framework for the client, establish parameters for success and invite the client to tell us what they like (and what they don’t like). A fluid process was required to ensure clear communication and understanding. The creative team set to work, evolving elements of the previous creative route and spinning new concepts out from the original creative path. The strategy was not to reinvent the wheel, but present a refreshed creative and communication style, utilising feedback and insight data gained from the client and the business environment.

Offshore International understands that Aladdin’s Cave is a Guernsey institution. The iconic lamp and branding has been a main feature of its charm for decades which is easily identifiable around the island. The creative team set to work, evolving colour palettes for the brand and applying them to a range of concepts for the client to see and experience in situ.
Aladdin's Cave branding  on social media
The results
Happy clients and happy customers. The creative team received praise from Aladdin’s Cave management for their new take on the refreshed creative route. The new style reinforces and celebrates the product and service offering from Guernsey’s much loved retailer. Simple, stylish and brilliantly Aladdin’s Cave.

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