Locate Guernsey

Enticing global nomads to relocate and embrace a new life

With Guernsey well and truly on the global radar following international press coverage during the pandemic, Locate Guernsey wanted a new standout campaign to encourage global high net worth individuals to relocate.

The campaign focuses on two core audience groups:

1. High net worth individuals considering relocation.

2. Business owners, who during lockdown have considered moving their family and business.

The Covid pandemic has caused a global shift in our ability to work remotely. So location and environment is more important to our work/life balance than ever. This gifted us the perfect opportunity to communicate just how special life on Guernsey can be. Because if you can live and work anywhere, why not explore the benefits of making Guernsey your home?

Moving away from scenic shots, we gravitated towards lifestyle; framing moments that make island life extraordinary. The pre-work sea dip, the lunchtime sail and relaxing on the beach after a long day.

Our creative ideas play on juxtaposition and contrasts with life elsewhere. Showing a life less ordinary and celebrating the norm for Guernsey residents.

We evolved the visuals from their previous tiled look, replacing them with scenes where the viewer is part of the narrative.

Using a series of media bookings to our advantage, we tell the story of an ‘average extraordinary day’ in Guernsey. Taking you from morning to evening, through changing seasons, whilst appealing to a range of audience passion points.

Launching in the Financial Times, the campaign will be rolled out across other media throughout the year.

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