The brief
Rewind is a mobile and desktop app that allows users to organise and share their most cherished memories via a private, invite-only timeline. Whether it’s a scan of an old polaroid, a video from that special holiday, a voice note congratulating someone on their anniversary or a simple PDF document, Rewind allows users to share media and files freely, without harvesting user data or personal contact details.

The benefits are quite simple – Rewind doesn’t share or sell its user data to third parties to encourage behaviour tracking or inform cross selling opportunities. Your browsing is your business, and using the Rewind app won’t influence what ads appear on your timeline or what prompts are shared with you when buying from online retailers.

Founder and creator of Rewind, Jon Gray, approached Offshore International to develop his concept and create mobile apps for Apple and Android, as well as a desktop application to support those who preferred to share memories from the comfort of their home.




The process/strategy
Oi worked closely with the client, who partnered with the digital and creative teams to bring the project to life.
The Rewind app was a ‘ground up’ build, with the Offshore International development team constantly evolving the service and range of functions, from concept stage to final delivery.

Our studio team set to work, bringing to life an original brand identity for the Rewind app. A bright, no-nonsense approach was taken, ensuring an attention grabbing colour palette, straightforward tone of voice and a family of protagonists that take centre stage in Rewind’s ‘how to’ video.

Rewind mobile and desktop app

The results
An app that doesn’t rely on algorithms, data sharing or analysis of user preferences. An app that ensures all your personal memories can be collated and encrypted. An app that ensures your content remains private unless you want to share with someone you choose to share it with. A refreshing and unique ad-free experience with no analysis or selling of your data to any third parties, meaning no targeted adverts.

Accessibility, security and privacy are the primary focus with the Rewind app. It is available on iOS, Android and desktop versions, providing synergy between devices and platforms. Rewind also gives back to charity, with 10% of all paid subscriptions going to help people affected by Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

And although it’s only just been released in the Apple store, it’s already gathering momentum and holds a 5 star review score.

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