The brief
Oi won a globally competitive pitch to launch Milaidhoo Island in the Maldives – a brand new luxury resort – building on initial concepts to deliver exciting brand guidelines, develop the true story of the island for guests through unique print and digital advertising, all collateral items from keycards to brochures and to build and launch the resort’s website.
Milaidhoo Island resort's new brand assets
The process/strategy
Designers, developers and copywriters worked together to create a look and feel that breathed life into the brand. Collaborating with the resort on the idea of, ‘story of a small island,’ everything we created revolved around this key theme. The website accommodates a special ‘Your Stay’ area where guests, bloggers and social media influencers can share their own holiday stories and photos, giving an authentic and honest voice to the website.

Print and digital advertising played off the stunning photography whilst breaking the mould of traditional hotel advertising by focusing on the, ‘story of a small island,’ rather than listing activities or facilities. From notebooks to calendars, menus, staff manuals, do not disturb signs, brochures and more, every item printed or created for the hotel was part of a collaboration of design where the story of Milaidhoo was explored and demonstrated.

In total, we developed over 40 items of collateral for the resort itself, as well as print and digital advertising, email newsletter templates, the website and new brand guidelines. No stone was left unturned. Every item created was one of a kind and developed specifically to exemplify the barefoot luxury of the brand.
Milaidhoo Island resort's new website
The results
Milaidhoo weathered the covid storm and business is back to usual. Their brand and marketing collateral has weathered the storm too, and we’re proud to have created a resilient look and feel, as well as booking site that is still going strong today.

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