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Structured to perfection

Trust Corporation International

Trust Corporation International approached us to come up with a fresh campaign, overhaul their website, and create bold, large-scale advertising for Guernsey’s airport lounge. Trust Corporation International pride themselves on their specialised skills, meticulous attention to detail, symbiotic relationships and their ability to grow with their clients, among many more organic traits. In fact, similar to nature’s industrious species, such as insects or plants, this natural analogy became the campaign cornerstone, perfectly matching their message and voice.

We developed a new tagline, ‘Elegant solutions, structured to perfection’. From there, we created headlines that emphasised Trust Corporation International's approach and service: 

  • Meticulous in what we do. 
  • Highly-skilled independent specialists. 
  • Evolving with our clients. 
  • Planning together, thriving together. 

A highly emotive landing page video portrays a clear, bold message with beautiful macro imagery of some of nature’s most well-structured and organised creatures - an excellent visual representation of the client's brand.

Structured to perfection

Oi also applied all the skills and energy needed, redesigning and launching a new website in a short timeframe.

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