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Visit Jersey Autumn unfiltered campaign set to be a blockbuster

Visit Jersey

Oi’s latest advertising campaign for Visit Jersey features the key ingredients for success across digital and social channels.

The client brief was to create a shareable piece of content that we could build a campaign around, that was simple yet effective. 

Our planning process started by looking at how we could earn one minute of someone’s time, defining what the key objectives were in making a social video engaging and shareable.

Analysis of past campaigns, industry research and believe it or not a look at how street artists grab attention, all helped to define the boxes we needed to tick to achieve this.

We narrowed down our research to 4 fundamental rules to adhere to when creating effective social media content, these were:

  1. Be true
  2. Don’t waste people's time
  3. Be unforgettable
  4. Ultimately, it’s all about humanity

In short, if you want your audience to like what you’ve made so much that they stop what they’re doing and share it with their friends, you’ve got to connect with them in a way that’s authentic, human and unforgettable. And do it quickly.

With an agreed strategy for creating the campaign video we presented our research and findings internally as part of a Brand New Thinking workshop, which involves the entire agency getting involved in idea generation and putting forward ideas that ticked all of the above fundamental rules.

We landed on the idea of hosting a unique experience showcasing Jersey’s Autumn spectacular; the always charming St Ouen’s sunset. To make it unforgettable we designed the whole event around a cinematic theme, including a 9 metre wide by 6 metre high faux cinema screen framing the autumnal glow of the sun as it set on the horizon.

We invited real people (not actors) and kept it true by capturing authentic reactions and real moments between the visitors, the locals and ambassadors all whilst using the island break as the stage.

Visit Jersey Autumn unfiltered campaign set to be a blockbuster

Making the final cut social friendly meant we had to be selective, only picking shots that fit within the four fundamental rules. Having this strategy in place allowed us to be objective rather than subjective in our decision making.

We still had our secret weapon identified in the research and planning stage; music. To add some extra emotion and authenticity to the video we employed the help of local musician Monty Taft, highlighting the local production aspect once again by featuring one of his original songs as the soundtrack.

The campaign video was posted organically through Visit Jersey’s social channel at the beginning of September and has been rolling up views of over 1,000 a day since launch.

A 30-second version of the campaign video is the main asset driving traffic to a dedicated campaign landing page. Digital ad selector units, pre-roll adverts and in feed video streaming make up the video focused media plan that targets areas within easy to access travel routes in the UK and France. 

Animated prospecting and retargeting adverts were developed using differing messaging to suit the prospective visitors position within their booking journey.

Visit Jersey Autumn unfiltered campaign set to be a blockbuster

Once on the campaign pages of Jersey.com prospective visitors are treated to an array of autumnal content alongside a suite of videos produced by Oi and showcasing some of Jersey’s most unique experiences.

We collaborated with Visit Jersey’s product team to work with local industry partners and made 5 unique experience videos creating a rabbit hole of video content for interested visitors. Each video worked with different local partners, ambassadors, locations and products to bring the full Jersey experience through in the content.

Competition entry to win an unforgettable autumn experience for two allowed for data capture and those who entered were retargeted with a content rich email campaign offering further insight into what you can get up to in Jersey this autumn, reviews from previous visitors and a range of offers.

A soft launch of the campaign started with the organic Facebook post the first week of September and will roll out across other digital mediums throughout September, October and November contributing to Visit Jerseys goal of encouraging more visitors to come to the island during the shoulder months.

The final piece to the campaign runs across a medium not used by the brand in recent years and focuses on the direct access to the island from the UK's capital. Out of home ad space has been booked in all major London underground stations where a 20-second advert features a time-lapse of the sunset cinema and a strong call to action identify the easily accessible route available from London to Jersey.

Visit Jersey Autumn unfiltered campaign set to be a blockbuster
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